Dive into GURHAN's Antiquities Collection, where ancient art forms like intaglio, satsuma, and micro mosaics elegantly merge with modern sophistication. More than jewelry, each handcrafted piece is a symbol of history with a rich legacy to share. In GURHAN’s world, the phrase "Never Ordinary" takes on a new meaning, capturing timeless designs, gleaming with the brilliance of 24k gold, adorned with a medley of precious gemstones.

Handcrafted gold bracelet adorned with mixed stones, micro mosaics, ancient bronze coins, and a lava cameo from the Antiquities Collection.

Signature Materials: More Than Meets the Eye

Our Antiquities Collection travels through time, crafted with signature elements like timeless bronze, antique coins, and Egyptian scarabs. The delicate micro mosaics shine a light on ancient Victorian craftsmanship, while intaglios and lava cameos resonate with the Renaissance's flair. When you choose an item from this collection, you're not just making a style statement; you're connecting with history. These designs represent art forms that have shaped how we see beauty and art for centuries.


An elegant Antiquities Collection bracelet, adorned with a swan, crafted in gold and blue micro mosaics. Gold ring with carnelian intaglio, embellished with diamonds, part of the Antiquities Collection. An ancient coin pendant, adorned with diamonds, on a gold chain, part of the Antiquities Collection, showcasing timeless elegance.

GURHAN’s Expertise: A Fusion of Ancient Techniques and Contemporary Elegance

We're dedicated to the art of jewelry. Each handcrafted detail breathes new life into history. The traditional method of hand-hammering gives a unique texture, joining contemporary elegance with classic jewelry-making techniques. Our passion shines through each 24k gold piece, whether it’s an antique coin ring or a pair of drop emerald earrings adorned with mixed stones.


A pair of gold pendants adorned with diamonds, from the Antiquities Collection: a micro mosaic necklace with a scarab beetle motif and another with a bird motif.

The Allure of 24K Gold: GURHAN’s Signature Touch

For GURHAN, 24k gold isn’t just metal—it's a canvas. In our Antiquities Collection, each gemstone tells its own story, each intaglio makes an impression, and every micro mosaic turns into art. Gold's charm is highlighted, making each design a one-of-a-kind treasure.


A set of five gold rings adorned with diamonds, featuring ancient bronze coins as part of their design, from the Antiquities Collection.


GURHAN's craftsmanship goes beyond the conventional. Starting with the selection of carved gemstones, bronze elements, intaglios, and coins, each design is built around these materials. Every piece brings ancient techniques to life and shows our commitment to quality and detail, showcasing our "Never Ordinary" philosophy.

GURHAN’s Antiquities Collection is a curated journey through time, an invitation to be a part of a story that is never ordinary. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll share expert tips on styling and caring for these timeless pieces. Explore our collection here.

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