One of a kind jewelry is the antithesis of the saturated, mass jewelry market today. It is the answer to a shifting luxury market that embraces the unique, not the popular. It is a nod to rich history and irreplaceable craftsmanship. It is an expression of creativity and love. It is the art of telling a unique story, and creating destiny.

“When I started designing jewelry;

One of my goals was to faithfully recreate the techniques of ancient goldsmiths,” our founder, Gurhan Orhan, told us.

“I found great pleasure in bringing back to life an ancient design technique which was almost a reincarnation.”

And as it turns out, his customers were fascinated by the art and process.

one of a kind jewelry

Why we create one of a kind jewelry

At GURHAN, one of a kind jewelry is a major part of our entire creative process. These pieces challenge us in an entirely new way, asking us to both extract a story and tell one. To understand an object’s destiny, and illustrate it with design. Hand-forged out of unapologetically bold 24k gold, the highest quality silver and hand-picked stones, GURHAN’s one of a kind pieces give collectors the opportunity to own a piece of unique luxury jewelry.

In a world that is consumed by convention and trends, the tradition and creativity of a unique piece cuts through the noise and provides more than just monetary value. These unique pieces allow you to both connect with history and make it your own. And for that, we think it is some of the most special jewelry you can have in your personal collection.

Our unique inspiration for one of a kind jewelry

Gurhan creates these unique pieces out of pure passion, and we don’t think there is any other way when it comes to one of a kind pieces. The art of one of a kind jewelry takes impeccable craftsmanship, but also an innate understanding of the materials and objects at hand. While there is no exact formula to creating these unique pieces, at GURHAN, our beloved customers seem to trust our creative process, which revolves around top-quality materials and takes inspiration from culture, art and travel.

When traveling, Gurhan often finds himself collecting antiquities along the way and incorporating these little treasures into his designs. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than to capture a piece of history and imagine the past lives that were touched by it,” Gurhan told us.

one of a kind jewelry

This same storytelling aspect of Gurhan’s craftsmanship also extends to the precious stones he works with, telling us that each stone calls out for its own design — whether that’s through its color, shape or cut. “The unique quality of stones inspires my one of a kind creations. When I select a stone I usually have a vision for how I will build the design around it — it’s as if each stone has a destiny that I am bound to discover and create for it.”

The timeless appeal of unique, one of a kind jewelry

While most jewelry houses focus solely on collections, Gurhan’s dedication to craftsmanship and his fascination with the world around him extend far beyond individual collections. Following his heart and passions, Gurhan has forged a community of collectors who not only share his values, but see great value in his designs.

one of a kind jewelry

“My clients respond very favorably to unique and special designs, which was not a common thing among many jewelers when I started making jewelry,” Gurhan explained. That is why, to this day, GURHAN continues to craft one of a kind jewelry. The perfect combination of uniqueness, creativity and quality, one of a kind jewelry gives our cherished clients the opportunity to own something that speaks to each one of them personally.

Curious to see just what we’re talking about? Be sure to shop our collection of special, one of a kind pieces today. But don’t wait — because once it’s gone, there’s never a piece quite like it again.

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