Quality and Attention to Detail Mean Everything To Us

It's not just what it looks like, it's what goes into making it.  We promise you that your piece of Gurhan jewelry is made to the highest standards of care, quality and sustainability


A labor of love


Did you know there are over 1,000 hammers on every square inch of our hammered gold? Hand-crafting jewelry was Gurhan's vision from the very start and the unique 'look' of Gurhan's style comes from each loving strike of the hammer.

We control our quality at every stage


Our workshop is in Istanbul, one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the world, and renowned for its master craftsmen.

All of our artisans are personally trained by Gurhan himself. Our team has been together since the beginning and we have almost zero-turnover because everyone is so committed to our mission of creating the best jewelry ever.

The artisans call Gurhan "abi", a sign of deep respect, meaning older brother.  But more than that, together with our team in the U.S., our craftspeople are a family with common values of excellence and care.

24 karat gold is pure gold. 100% gold.


We make our jewelry in 24k or 22k to ensure that when you want gold you get as much gold as possible.

When you buy a piece of GURHAN jewelry you know you are getting more gold and more valuable jewelry because Gurhan works in high-karat gold.  

18k gold is only 75% gold – it is mixed with lower value metals like silver and copper.  And 14k is only 58% gold.  10k gold has less gold than it has other metals inside it!  Under 42% of 10k jewelry is actually gold.

We care deeply about our environment and the work conditions of laborers in the jewelry supply chain.  For a long time now we have worked with a refinery dedicated to using only recycled gold and all of our gold is ethically sourced.

Sterling Silver with Secret Sauce


We only use high-quality Sterling Silver which means that it is at least 92.5% silver.  We also use a highly special type of silver that contains an ingredient that limits tarnishing.

We do not rhodium plate our silver because we love the warmer tone of natural silver.

When we use 24k with our silver jewelry, we either bond a layer of pure gold to the silver or we plate it with high quality 24k gold vermeil.  Either way, our silver is 'kissed' with gold!

Ethically and sustainably sourced – always


Every diamond we use is ethically sourced and that's the way we've always done it. We observe the Kimberly Process Certification which regulates the mining and dealing with natural diamonds to ensure that conflict diamonds are not used.

The quality of our diamonds varies depending on the style and the type of diamond that is used.  Many of the cuts we use are not eligible for grading according to the standards used for the kind of diamonds you see in engagement rings. 

Rose cut, mine cut, briolettes, slices and beads are among the fascinating types of diamonds Gurhan loves to use because their gorgeous, not just because they did well at school and got good grades!

Fresh from nature


Gurhan revels in the extraordinary array of natural stones that our earth offers.

Fiona and Gurhan search out our stones personally and each is selected for its own personality without regard to standard definitions of perfection or measures of quality.

Loving the stone is the most important thing. Seeing its future in a piece of his jewelry, is Gurhan's visionary talent.

It's all in the details


Every single piece of Gurhan jewelry is engraved with its own unique identifying number. This very special feature means that your piece of jewelry is truly yours. Register your piece with us and we will be able to associate you with this piece forever. (Did you know we've even been able to return lost jewelry to its rightful owner because of this wonderful feature?!)

Look for the details on each piece.  A little logo hang-tag with a tiny diamond? An extra link so you can shorten the length of your necklace? Diamonds hidden on the side of a ring that only you know about? A kiss of gold to sweeten a silver design?

The bits'n'pieces


Nothing is like high-karat gold for design, warmth and beauty. But it is not optimum for some of the functional parts of jewelry. 

So we take care of that. We make our clasps, bales, earring clips, posts and other purely functional parts in 18 karat gold to ensure your piece is ready for everyday use.  Sometimes we might use platinum.

But we don't compromise beauty… we carefully plate these lower karat pieces in 24k gold so that they are the same color as the main design. Check out each style for exact details of what metals it contains.