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Emerald Birthstone Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for May Babies!

Emerald, May's birthstone, represents youth, growth and intelligence. Coming from Greek ‘smargados’, simply meaning 'green stone', the emerald is known as the Queen of Gems, and the gem of queens. The most prized is pure green or slightly bluish green. Emeralds are often characterized by a garden of included crystals trapped within. Under magnification, you will see all sorts of lovely patterns resembling foliage in a garden. A flawless, clear emerald is very rare and is usually found in only small sizes.

The ancients held the emerald in great esteem, believing they sharpened the wearer’s eyesight and mind. The earliest engravers kept emeralds on their work tables to gaze upon from time to time to rest their tired eyes. Travelers relied on emeralds as protection against the hazards and perils of long journeys. The green gem was also said to give its owner the power to predict the future.

The ancient Egyptians prized it as the symbol of love and rebirth; many Mummies would be buried with an Emerald around their neck in hopes of bringing them eternal youth.