History of Emeralds

While the Emerald gemstone dates as far back as ancient Egypt, it remains a striking choice today thanks to the significance of the stone and its undeniable beauty. Emeralds may add a touch of color to your lobes or make a statement on your finger in the form of a cocktail ring. Decorate your décolleté with a beautiful Emerald necklace. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie, some of the most famous women have been known to favor the stone.

The versatility of the gem is as expansive as the legends behind it. Historically, Egypt was the primary source of Emeralds and Cleopatra is credited as the first queen to become famous for wearing the gemstone. In the 1500s Colombia mines were discovered and the country became one of the biggest producers of gems. At GURHAN, all Emeralds, like all gemstones and materials, are ethically sourced.

Long-perceived as powerful and opulent, royalty has often relied upon Emeralds for adornment. In 1845 Prince Albert designed an Emerald Tiara for his wife Queen Victoria. She was pictured in several portraits wearing it, and it is now on display in Kensington Palace.

How Emeralds Are Treasured



The Emerald is derived from the mineral beryl and ranges in hue from light to rich green. Since the name itself means green, stemming from the Greek word smaragdus, there’s little wonder why the Emerald is the birthstone of May. Its color reflects the springtime growth of grass and leaves and signifies a time of rebirth. The gem also symbolizes youth and good fortune.

As mythology lore goes, it is the stone of Venus, known as the goddess of passion, romance and unconditional love. Perhaps that is why the Emerald also is regarded as the perfect gift for a twentieth or thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. A GURHAN Rune Gold charm bracelet with carved leaf-shaped Emerald is a beautiful expression of love. An amorphous-shaped Emerald necklace is sure to guarantee another twenty years of wedded bliss.

The Emerald is believed to hold many spiritual and healing qualities, as well as riches. It is thought to offer characteristics of calm and soothing. Ancient civilizations used Emeralds to fight infection and soothe sore eyes. The stone is associated with the heart chacra and is believed to bring balance to the body and mind. A one-of-a-kind 24/22k gold pendant necklace with heart-shaped Emerald from GURHAN’s Romance Collection perfectly expresses the significance of the gem. The prestigious stone also conjures up images of wealth and knowledge, and Hindus are believed to have made offerings of Emeralds to the god Krishna, in hopes of prosperity.

Evaluating Emeralds

Like diamonds and other gemstones, color, clarity, cut and carat weight determine the value of Emeralds. While imperfections may be visible to the naked eye, they do not devalue the stone generally.

The deeper the shade the more rare the stone and more expensive. Light-colored emeralds are most ubiquitous and are less expensive than those that may appear a vibrant green-blue.

All colored gemstones fall into one of three clarity categories: Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. The Emerald falls under Type 3, which means there are almost always inclusions. While too many may affect the stone’s resilience, Emeralds without any may indicate an imitation or synthetic manipulation.

The shape of the gem may affect its color as well. An elongated shape may minimize impurities. GURHAN offers many options from a center stone rectangular Emerald ring flanked with rose-cut diamonds to an oval-shaped pendant necklace. Some of GURHAN’s Emeralds are carved into flowers on the shape of the stone. Its detail is evident on the oval carved Rune stud earrings.   


Caring for Emerald Jewelry

Like anything dear to you, Emeralds require some TLC. Heat may damage the stone so it’s best to use warm soapy water to clean your gem. While Emeralds are tough, they may scratch. Proper care of Emeralds will ensure their durability for many generations.

With springtime upon us and the month of May looming, now is the perfect opportunity to add Emeralds to your jewelry collection. Boucle gold charm earrings with emerald stone cluster will make an ordinary day extraordinary white gold chandelier earrings with small Emerald briolette will up-level your evening look. Whatever the mood, some Emerald embellishment is sure to add a touch of beauty to your life.

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