Mother's Day Lockets


Let’s be honest — every day is Mother’s Day. The mothers and mother figures who raise us and selflessly care for us should be celebrated year-round. But a day dedicated just to them, their strength, and their beauty is also incredibly meaningful. So, to mark this important day — and honor all the days in between — give her a thankful reminder of all she has contributed to your life. 

Of course, she would probably love anything you gave her. But, why not surprise her with the glittering, rare gift of 24k gold? From our brand new, heartfelt locket collection to our rings and bracelets, finding a gift for Mother’s Day has never been simpler. Browse below to find just the piece that will compliment her style and make her smile.

Mother’s Day Lockets: Close to Her Heart

Modern-day lockets evolved from ancient amulets, eventually transforming to open up and house portraits and even locks of a loved one’s hair. Today, our 24k gold lockets nod to that loving heritage, even using the same kind of ancient goldsmithing needed to craft the earliest lockets.


24 Karat Gold Wide Band Ring

A Symbol of Eternal Love & Bonds: Mother’s Day Rings

While a ring is often thought of as a romantic symbol of love, its round ‘eternal’ shape is a beautiful way to honor the unending support of a mother’s love. She is sure to love a ring she can easily add to her stack and wear daily like this ruby heart-shaped 24k gold ring, or this twisted, 24k gold band that can symbolize the intertwining of your souls.
For the woman who isn’t afraid of color or going bold, a gift for Mother’s Day she’ll love is the unique versatility of this 7-stone ring from the Rune Collection. And this wide concave Mother’s Day ring from the Hoopla Collection will surely surprise her with its hand-hammered 24k gold surface and a string of diamonds.

A Memento of Your Bond: Mother Daughter Gifts

Why not gift your mom something you can both love and wear daily? A beautiful memento of your lifelong bond, this gift is a great reminder to you both of how much you mean to one another. There are a myriad of ways you can put together a mother-daughter Mother’s Day gift, like this totally stackable sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil bangle from our beloved Mango Collection, or a matching or a pendant with diamonds and gemstones, a symbol of female empowerment inspired by ancient Roman and Viking keys.

Another unique idea is to choose two different but matching pieces from any of our collections. The Lush Collection is always a favorite — maybe a pair of Mother’s Day earrings for mom, and a necklace for yourself.

Alongside these treasures, consider the distinctive allure of our Amazonite collection - a gem as exceptional as a mother's love, perfect for adding an extra touch of rarity and meaning to your Mother's Day gifts.

The Beauty of Personalization: Mother Daughter Birthstone Gifts

Another beautiful way to play with the idea of a mother-daughter gift is to incorporate birthstones into your present. Of course, you can always gift your mom her own birthstone. But, how much jewelry does she already have with her own stone? Instead, a unique way to symbolize her motherhood could be to give her a piece of jewelry encrusted with your birthstone and then wear hers in a matching set. 

Mother daughter birthstone rings are a wonderful way to honor one another and can be done with everything from stackable rings like this round emerald and 24k gold ring to this bold yet understated ruby ring from the Droplet Collection.

Everyday Beauty of Mother’s Day Earrings

Mother’s Day earrings are another gift she will adore, like this cluster of blue sapphire earrings which can serve the dual purpose of a birthstone Mother’s Day gift. Or, gift your mom with a hug of gold from the Embrace collection with these stunning 24k gold and multi-colored gemstone earrings featuring tsavorite, rhodolite, and diamonds.

Feeling inspired? Be sure to shop our exclusive Mother’s Day collection today and get your order in before the holiday sneaks upon us.


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