You wouldn’t wear pants that don’t fit without bringing them to your favorite tailor first. So, why would you ever wear a ring that’s too big? Of course, safety is the main reason you want to ensure your ring fits properly. Too much wiggle room means it could slip off, and if it’s too tight, you run the risk of fiddling with your ring and losing it, or it simply slipping off and leaving it somewhere altogether. 

Here at GURHAN, we have a special process for sizing our rings that is designed to uphold the integrity of our 24k gold jewelry. Essentially, we should be like your favorite tailor — the expert you trust and always turn to. 

So here, we wanted to take the time to tell you more about the specialized process we use to resize our rings, what makes our process different, and how we always seek to go above and beyond for you. 

GURHAN’s simple sizing guide

To find your ring size, we need to measure your finger, and this should be done at the end of the day when the room temperature is quite mild — not too hot or too cold. We also like to remind customers that your hands actually differ in size, so a ring that fits your pointer finger on one hand will not be a perfect fit for the same finger on the other hand. Finally, you will know you have the right size when it fits snug but there is still room for the ring to pass easily over the knuckle.


How to measure your ring size

  1. Get a piece of string.
  2. Measure the circumference of your finger and mark the string.  
  3. Then measure the string length against a ruler or tape measure in mm. 
  4. This measurement corresponds to the size of the ring.
  5. Top tip: If you are hesitating between two sizes, choose the larger size.
You can easily measure your ring size at home.

Our 24k gold rings need extra care

Most jewelers in the market are not trained to work with pure, 24k gold, especially our pieces which have been made specifically using ancient goldsmith techniques. Our artisans have been trained for over 20 years on this art, and they’re the only ones you should trust to resize your ring. 

It is also important to note that having your GURHAN jewelry serviced by other jewelers voids our warranty, and this is simply because they can’t provide the same expertise. GURHAN is a modern pioneer of using 24k gold in jewelry, and while there are other excellent and knowledgeable jewelers out there, most do not understand the techniques we use and will cause irreparable damage to your ring.


We use a special technique to resize rings

Many times, customers will ask us how we are able to resize a ring so that it can properly pass over the knuckle. To do this, we use two granulation beads at the bottom of the shank to allow the knuckle to pass through easily while still maintaining a secure fit. 

More than a simple and sturdy fix, this is actually a really important technique for us. Because many of our shanks are made out of 24k gold that are hollow and structured with filler for durability and lightness, using beads is the best way to provide a bespoke fitting while maintaining the integrity of your GURHAN ring. 

We take the extra steps necessary to resize your ring right

But sometimes, it is necessary to resize the entire band, like if the ring is too small. To do this, we remake the entire shank instead of cutting the shank and soldering it which can damage the shank altogether. Here at GURHAN, we also always take the stone out of its setting so that we can work on the shank without damaging the stone. It is the seemingly small details like this that shed light on the care we take in every job we do. 


We always want to go above and beyond for you

Whether you’re resizing a ring from the Embrace collection or one of our one-of-a-kind pieces, we will provide this service to you free of charge. As one of our loyal clients, we want to provide you with exceptional, personalized service that shows just how much we appreciate you. So anytime you purchase a ring from us, be sure to ask us to size it for you.

Start shopping for your new ring today

Inspired to add a new, 24k gold GURHAN ring to your collection? Choose your new favorite and don’t forget to ask us to size it for you! It would be our pleasure.

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