GURHAN, a name synonymous with exceptional artistry, craftsmanship, and uniqueness, continually reimagines the world of high-karat fine jewelry. Each piece in this collection has the personal touch of Gurhan himself, embodying our heart-made creations and reflecting our deep-rooted passion to create timeless works of art. With the reveal of our anticipated High Jewelry Collection, we delve deeper into the world of luxury, excellence, and extraordinary design. This collection transcends the boundaries of time and serve as an emblem of true luxury and pioneering design.

The exclusive High Jewelry Collection features masterpieces that are artfully handcrafted, epitomizing great attention to detail and passion for elevating the art of jewelry. Each design forms a rich tapestry of history, craftsmanship, and luxury, showcasing GURHAN's unparalleled ability to blend ancient techniques with a modern aesthetic.

Unearthing Rare Beauties

Our High Jewelry Collection is an assortment of rare and beautiful gemstones, each embedded in our signature hand-hammered 24k gold. From captivating emeralds to radiant diamonds, each piece reveals the unique characteristics and breathtaking beauty of these natural wonders.


Elegant Emeralds

Step into the mesmerizing world of exquisite emeralds within the GURHAN High Jewelry Collection. These stones, hand selected for their unique quality, clarity, and color, symbolize renewal and hope, fostering a sense of tranquility, they reflect the harmonious balance between nature and artistry that lies at the heart of GURHAN.

Our skilled artisans carefully set each emerald into high-karat gold, honoring our brand's commitment to using only the purest materials. The result is an alchemical transformation where nature’s gemstones evolve into wearable masterpieces. The vibrant green emeralds combined with the rich glow of handcrafted 24K gold, encapsulate the essence of luxury in our High Jewelry Collection. The handmade details in every design gracefully connect emeralds with the gold, highlighting a blend of nature and art that defines the GURHAN experience.

Fiery Opals

Fiery Opals

Opals, with their kaleidoscopic color play, add a distinct spark to our High Jewelry Collection. Vibrant and enchanting, these ethically sourced gems reflect GURHAN's commitment to honoring nature's splendor in our jewelry.

Set into our distinctive 24K gold, meticulously textured by hand-hammering, these opals transform into dazzling symbols of a time-defying sophistication. The magnetic charisma of these gems, enhanced by the gleaming gold, gives each piece an irresistible appeal that marks it as a true and unique GURHAN creation.

Every opal, whether from Australia or Ethiopia, is beautifully set in our hand-shaped gold frames with diamonds. Our necklaces and bracelets feature our diamond-studded butterfly connectors, ensuring both comfort and elegance. These handcrafted pieces, with their iridescent stones, are an expression of passion and precision.

Vibrant Tourmalines

Vibrant Tourmalines

The GURHAN High Jewelry Collection pays homage to the entrancing beauty of tourmalines. These gemstones, celebrated for their remarkable spectrum of colors, paint our collection with their vivacious palette.

Each tourmaline, meticulously selected and cut, finds its place in our characteristic 24K gold, shaped with our special hand-hammering techniques. The gold frames, expertly crafted by our artisans, accentuate the gem's vibrant hues, making each design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Filled with chromatic charisma, these tourmalines breathe life and energy into our High Jewelry Collection.

Timeless Antiquities

Timeless Antiquities

The Timeless Antiquities range within GURHAN's High Jewelry Collection, serves as a golden bridge to the past. Crafted in pure 24K gold, each piece unravels a fascinating tale of the past, adorned with intricate elements like intaglios, coins, micro mosaics, bronzes, scarabs, and colorful gemstones.

Committed to quality and ancient techniques, GURHAN skillfully crafts these treasures, blending the old with the new. This timeless artistry embodies GURHAN's expertise in creating jewelry that defies ages.

In this eternal voyage, the magic of the old world resonates in the harmony of handcrafted gold elements. These elements interlace together the enchanting narrative of GURHAN's endless romance with history, breathing life into the tales of the past.

Exquisite Diamonds

Exquisite Diamonds

The High Jewelry Collection pays homage to the irresistible charm of diamonds. Each diamond, a celebration of perfection and luxury, is carefully sourced and expertly cut to showcase an unmatched brilliance.

Set in high-karat gold with exceptional craftsmanship, these diamonds create a spectacle of light. Their radiant beauty accentuates the ageless sophistication that diamonds are celebrated for. Every element weaves each gem into a harmonious dance that speaks volumes of GURHAN's relentless pursuit of distinction. More than just jewelry, they represent an enduring bond, brought to life through GURHAN's distinguished craftsmanship.

Explore the High Jewelry page on our website to discover these awe-inspiring pieces. Our team of knowledgeable experts stands ready to guide you, offering personalized assistance to help you find the perfect piece. In-person appointments can also be scheduled at the GURHAN Atelier located in Tribeca, New York.

Indulge in the transformative power of GURHAN's High Jewelry Collection. Discover the captivating beauty that resonates with your style and embodies your devotion to quality and individuality. With GURHAN, you are "Never Ordinary".


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