We’re used to buying everything online these days — from groceries to clothing. However, when it comes to important and big-purchase items like jewelry, that is when many people get wary. Not only do you want to make sure your jewelry purchase is authentic, but that you’re buying it from a reputable website with good customer service and fair policies.

With the holiday season upon us, and many of us turning to digital retailers instead of heading into the stores, we wanted to shed light on the importance of buying from a brand you trust. 

Is Buying Jewelry Online Safe?

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We believe buying jewelry online is safe, but should be done by properly vetting the jeweler first. Luckily, this can be done well, and comprehensively from the comfort of your own home.

So here, we are providing 4 tips for shopping for jewelry safely online, as well as how we at GURHAN hold up to these standards. 

Always read the shipping and return policy

A return policy will determine how and under what conditions you can return your jewelry, which is incredibly important to understand for such an expensive, high-end purchase. If the company you are dealing with turns out to have an unfair return policy, you may be stuck with something you no longer want, or something that doesn’t meet your standards. What’s more, you should always see how they handle shipping, and always make sure they provide a safe track and trace method. 

How GURHAN holds up

If you wish to return your jewelry for any reason, GURHAN will provide returns for full credit of your purchase price. Simply return your item within 30 days of purchasing it, making sure that it is in the same condition as when it was received. We also list all of our terms clearly for you to read here.

GURHAN also provides free shipping on all US domestic orders using a trackable, trusted shipper like Fedex. Should you need your items of jewelry by a certain date, you can even contact our concierge to discuss expedited shipping.


Make sure they provide stamps and unique item numbers

Jewelry should always be marked with stamps to give you important information like metal purity, the brand hallmark and unique item numbers. Unique item numbers are great indicators of quality, these also allow you to easily and officially trace the item back to the company. Whatsmore, a unique item number is a great asset for insurance, as it will secure your jewelry’s value and validate its authentication status for years to come. 

Look for information about the quality of their work

A reputable jewelry company will always be proud to tell you about the materials and methods they use to create their pieces. Be wary of jewelers who are vague, or don’t go into detail about the quality of their gold, silver, gems and even how they source them.

How GURHAN holds up

We are incredibly proud of the alloys we use, the craftsmen we employ and the jewelry we produce. Across our website, we will tell you about how we only use high-quality, limited tarnishing Sterling Silver, which means that it is at least 92.5% silver.  Or, that we only use 22k or 24k gold, giving our customers only the most luxurious, highest form of gold possible.

We even talk about how we source our diamonds, dedicating ourselves to the Kimberly Process Certification which regulates the mining and dealing of natural diamonds to ensure that conflict diamonds are not used. You can read more about the quality of our jewelry here.

Properly vet their social media and digital presence

A great way to suss out whether a company is legitimate and worth your business is to look at their social media. You want to not only see that they have a strong, solid following, but that they have good customer feedback. Always use a search engine to look up the company, too, as features by the press and bloggers can really help back their reputation.

How GURHAN holds up

GURHAN has a large, loyal following from all over the world on Instagram with more than 21k+ followers and another 15k+ on Facebook, making us one of the best online jewelry stores. Additionally, GURHAN is consistently featured in the news and highlighted by the press — further reinforcing our reputation as a reputably high-end, trustworthy jewelry brand.

    What Makes GURHAN One of The Best Online Jewelry Stores

    All of our gold pieces are hallmarked with their purity level, so you always know whether it’s 22k or 24k gold – there’s no guess work in the value of your piece. The GURHAN logo is also engraved on each item, as well as an item number. Our item numbers are unique to each piece — no two pieces will ever have the same item number, which gives you peace of mind that you have an authentic piece of jewelry. 

    It is also important to note that even our jewelry sold at Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus, as well as boutique retailers, will always come with a unique item number as well.

    If you love what we stand for, you’re going to love our jewelry even more. Shop our beautiful, large collections online today with convenience and peace of mind in knowing how to shop for jewelry safely online.


    • Emilie Fowler said:

      Gurhan jewelry is beautiful. Each piece feels and looks substantial. I enjoy wearing this jewelry.

      April 12, 2021

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