Advice on how to celebrate that special relationship or other special occasions. Jewelry has always been a beautiful way to mark life’s most important milestones, especially those with a partner you love and want to share your life with. However, there are probably many more milestones than you think, and you don't want to repeat yourself over time. So, our jewelry experts here at Gurhan have come up with a helpful jewelry gift guide you can use to mark every milestone uniquely and memorably.

When you’re a new couple When you finally find that special someone, you want to show them how much they mean to you. But, you still want to avoid anything too flashy or too intimate too soon. While still showing your love; we offer a pair of silver or diamond studs to play it cool. Unlike any sterling silver earrings she already owns, our Sterling Silver Stud Earrings from the Spell Collection are hammered for a subtle, three-dimensional shape that refracts light beautifully.


After you’re in an exclusive relationship

You may have passed the honeymoon phase, but now you know so much more about your partner — including their style — that you can use that to your advantage. A bracelet is a beautiful gesture at this milestone in your relationship. Our 24k yellow gold Hoopla Gold Bracelet with Flat Rectangle Links is both modern and timeless, making it a piece she can cherish for a lifetime. Or there’s the Jet Set Gold Bracelet with a strand of Turquoise and gold beads, perfect for the woman who likes color or to stack her jewelry.

 Hoopla Gold Round Bracelet


When you finally decide to get engaged

Of course, when you finally decide to get engaged, your partner will be expecting a ring. Blow her away with a one-of-a-kind diamond ring like our White Amorphous rose cut ring, which, thanks to its unique cut and shape, provides a more artistic statement and daring look. The diamonds that surround the large, rose cut diamond add extra glamour, too. For the bride who doesn’t want a traditional diamond, this one-of-a-kind Prism Collection, 24k gold, and Ruby ring flanked by diamonds is a jaw-dropping choice. The Ruby, symbolizing love, romance, and passion, is an incredible ring to mark one of life’s most important milestones.



For that special day — your wedding

Some couples like to celebrate their wedding day with an additional gift. Brides usually love to gift their grooms with a watch or special cufflinks. For her, think of a gift like a timeless string of pearls. Representing the rare and beautiful love you two share, she will fondly wear this one-of-a-kind Dew Gold Necklace with pearls for the rest of her life and think of your big day. Of course, she can also wear it as her something ‘new’ for the wedding day, too.


When you purchase your first home together Buying your first property is a huge step together as a couple. While you will have surely put a good chunk of change down on the deposit, be sure to set some aside for your partner. She will be so surprised when you hand her a box with the keys and this Hourglass, Concave Gold Band Ring encircled with pave diamonds. This ring will surely outlast your starter home and forever mark this beautiful step you took together.


To celebrate the birth of a child Sometimes referred to as a ‘push present,’ this gift marks the memorable day you and your partner welcome a child. We love the idea of giving your partner a bangle, as it is a timeless piece of jewelry she can easily slip on and wear every day and for all occasions. Plus, if you decide to have more children, it is easy to build upon this collection. We would start with this 24k gold bangle from Gurhan’s Mango collection, its gently dimpled, hand-hammered surface inspired by the small ripples of the sea as he sat on the shore eating this fertile fruit.


To mark your big anniversary

significant,Like your fifth, you should observe the special milestone with something totally luxe, indulgent and special for a big significant anniversary. This piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be something she wears every day, but instead is a piece she can wear on all the big and special occasions you have yet to share with one another. For this, we suggest these chandelier Dew Hue Collection earrings featuring a rainbow of colored briolettes in the shape of dew drops. Here, this pair features sapphire stones that fade from light green to honey-colored amber for a theatrical aesthetic.

Pointelle gold chandelier earrings, with diamond



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