December - Tanzanite


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Tanzanite Birthstone Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for December Babies!

Lucky December babies! Tanzanite is the birthstones for the last month of the year. One of our favorite stones and so many styles of jewelry to choose from!

Tanzanite is a new addition as a birthstone for December. Named for Tanzania, the country where it was discovered in 1967, by Tiffany & Co. It is found in only one place on earth, near majestic Kilimanjaro. Legend has it that tanzanite was first discovered when some brown gemstone crystals lying on the dry earth were caught in a fire set by lightning that swept through the grass-covered hills. The Masai herders driving cattle in the area noticed the beautiful blue color and picked the crystals up, becoming the first tanzanite collectors. They originally were thought to be a new find of sapphire. It was so hot that in 2002 it was the first gemstone to be added to the birthstone list since 1912.