As we turn our thoughts towards fall/winter 2024-2025 fashion, we would like to celebrate the quality we cherish most about our customer: individuality. For us, showcasing high-karat gold fine jewelry pieces reflects the uniqueness of those who appreciate fine designs and hand craftsmanship.

Forget the latest fleeting jewelry trends. From bold necklaces with gemstones and striking drop earrings to our classic gold collections, our pieces are crafted for those who lead with confidence and style. Below are six standout ideas for handmade jewelry designs for women this fall that celebrate your one-of-a-kind charm.

Pendulum Swing

Bold and Beautiful

As we transition into cooler weather, our jewelry designs also transition into styles that are more appropriate for your cozy wardrobe. Long chains with suspended stones make a strong statement. With vibrant, bold gemstones in hand-hammered high-karat gold, our one-of-a-kind long chain pendant necklaces from the Muse Collection are perfect for those who make their own rules in fashion.

Animal Kingdom

Into the Wild

We’re wild for animal-inspired jewelry. Our Butterfly Collection features pendant necklaces inspired by the delicate wings of butterflies, crafted with carved gemstones that pay tribute to your adventurous spirit. For those who appreciate vintage flair, our Antiquities Collection offers handmade micro mosaic pieces featuring bird and scarab motifs, capturing the essence of the animal kingdom.


Link Up

The Perfect Link

Chunky chains are making waves this season, perfect for layering over your cozy fall knits. Our latest additions to the Hoopla Collection include hand-hammered gold chains designed to stand out with their unique textures and shapes. These fine jewelry pieces are crafted in solid 24k gold, with some featuring stunning brilliant pavé diamond details. Each piece embodies the craftsmanship and artistry that define our brand.

Boho-Chic Revival

Boho-Chic Revival

Boho-chic is making a comeback, blending modern and classic elements to create a unique look characterized by long, flowing details and intricate designs. Our Rain Collection’s multi-strand necklaces and bracelets with 24k gold accents and radiant gemstone beads are ideal for creating a personalized, layered look that’s all your own. These multi-strand designs add a dynamic sense of movement, making each piece come alive with every step you take.

Oversized Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry

Accessories take center stage next season. Let your jewelry represent your individual style with unique pieces that feature vibrant gemstones and brilliant and rose cut diamonds. Our new one-of-a-kind styles include artistically designed all-around necklaces and bracelets with gemstones like opal, emerald, ruby, amethyst, turquoise, and topaz ...and much more.

Pretty in Pink

Soft, subtle pinks have taken the spotlight this season, moving away from the bold fuchsias of early 2024. We invite you to explore our new pink tourmaline, sapphire, and rose quartz collections that embody this increasingly popular color. Discover unique, handcrafted pieces from necklaces, cocktail rings and earrings in delicate shades of pink, ranging from light to warmer tones. Check out our delicate stacking rings for a hint of color.

Incorporate GURHAN’s exquisite designs into your look this fall. There’s sure to be a style that reflects your individual style.

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