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Turquoise and Gold

Turquoise and Gold

One-of-a-Kind Turquoise Jewelry set in 24k Gold sets a new Standard for Timeless Stone

Whether featured in an earring, necklace, bracelet or ring, the bold blue tones of turquoise are stunningly accented by a pure gold setting. The rich gold of 24k gold contrasts with turquoise to create a compelling statement, whether worn casually or to elevated event.
There are many types of turquoise, and in his gold jewelry, Gurhan uses high quality stones from some of the worlds most famous regions. Gurhan is as attracted to the matrix, or dark colored veins, as he is to the pure blue color. Both have their own special beauty to him and both are favored by his customers in the know.

You too can own a piece of the earth's beauty in Gurhan 24k Gold Turquoise Jewelry. Take a browse!