Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone that has been treasured and collected by many cultures for centuries - each distinct type of turquoise is unique and has its own beauty. It is still treasured today and is used in a variety of jewelry such as turquoise rings, turquoise necklaces and turquoise earrings along with other decorative items.   It is considered a great gift for someone special in your life or for yourself.

With its robust history and cultural value under its belt, turquoise is a gemstone that is sure to be enjoyed and appreciated for many years to come. Thus, it should come as no surprise that people are interested in the gemstone and what makes it special - here are some answers to the most sought-after questions about turquoise and its qualities.

What is Turquoise and What Color is Turquoise?

What is Turquoise and What Color is Turquoise?

The color of turquoise is caused by the presence of copper in the stone. The amount of copper in turquoise varies, and this affects the color of the stone. Turquoise with more copper is typically more greenish-blue, while turquoise with less copper is typically more blue. Turquoise is often treated with chemicals or heat to improve its color or clarity.

It is most commonly used in jewelry, but it has also been used in art and architecture for centuries.

The name turquoise comes from the French “pierre tourques”, meaning Turkish stone. It is believed that this stone initially arrived in Europe from Turkey.  The word turquoise is also used to describe the blue-green color of the mineral.

Where does Turquoise mainly come from?

Turquoise is found in a number of different countries, including the United States, Mexico, Iran, and China.

What are the Different Types of Turquoise?

What are the Different Types of Turquoise?

There are many different types of turquoise and turquoise stones, each with its own unique color and pattern. Some of the most popular types of turquoise include Kingman turquoise, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Chinese turquoise and Morenci turquoise.

Other less well-known types of turquoise include Bisbee turquoise, Pilot Mountain turquoise, and Royston turquoise.

Each type of turquoise is mined in a different location and has different characteristics. For example, although both mined in Arizona, Kingman turquoise, is known for its bright blue color, while Sleeping Beauty turquoise, is known for its sky-blue color. Gurhan mostly uses Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty and Kingman mines, as in Gurhan’s Sleeping Beauty turquoise and diamond bracelet.

Chinese turquoise is another highly regarded type of the mineral and accounts for a significant portion of turquoise available. Like turquoise that is mined in the Southwest United States, Chinese turquoise is found in colors from sky blue to spring green and may or may not have a matrix. It is another prime source used in Gurhan’s one-of-a-kind turquoise designs. One example of this is Gurhan’s Rune  Gold Double Drop Earrings Featuring Turquoise and Diamonds.

What is a Reconstituted Turquoise and What is a Stabilized Turquoise?

What is a Reconstituted Turquoise and What is a Stabilized Turquoise?

Turquoise in its natural state is a very soft gemstone.  To strengthen it for everyday use the craftsmen of the past have developed two distinct ways to preserve the stone.  These include stabilization and reconstitution.

Gurhan only uses stabilized turquoise. A stabilized turquoise is a natural turquoise that has been treated with components like resin to improve its durability. Stabilized turquoise is used in jewelry because it is less likely to crack or break. It is considered the ideal treatment for protecting turquoise and is widely used in the fine jewelry industry.

Gurhan does not use reconstituted turquoise. A reconstituted turquoise is a man-made product that consists of natural turquoise that has been ground into a powder and reformed into a solid mass dubbed as reconstituted turquoise slab. This type of treatment results in a less valuable stone, however, it is more affordable and can be cut into different shapes.

How to care for Turquoise Jewelry

What are the Believed Powers of Turquoise?

Turquoise is believed to have many powers, including the ability to heal, bring good luck and promote communication and understanding. Some people believe that turquoise can help balance the chakras and promote spiritual growth. In some cultures, turquoise is often seen as a stone of protection, and it is thought to be particularly protective against negative energy.

How to care for Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a moderately durable stone. While light may not harm its appearance, high heat could discolor it and cause damage. Because of its porous composition, keep it away from oils, lotions and alcohol. Use a dry soft cloth or warm water and mild soap to clean your gemstone. As Turquoise mines close and supply lessens, these tips will ensure your turquoise jewelry will keep their splendor.

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