Being a GURHAN collector is so much more than just buying and wearing our jewelry. Being a collector means you are part of the lifeblood of our company — entrusting us with your personal style and investments while fully supporting us for who we are. 

We believe that to be a collector, you align with GURHAN on multiple fronts, and you’ve seen firsthand how committed we are to creating sustainable, high-quality, timeless jewelry. If you’re a collector, you’ve also experienced how we will go above and beyond for you, our clients. 

You value quality and the art of our work

Rooted in our founder’s wanderlust and dedication to ancient crafts like working with 24k gold and hand-hammering techniques, GURHAN designs jewelry differently. Painstaking, labor-intensive and time-consuming, the work behind each piece of GURHAN jewelry can be seen and felt.
Our collectors love that we not only work with the best (sustainable) products on the market, but that we have a dedicated staff with zero-turnover that is trained by our founder himself. GURHAN is truly a family of dedicated artisans, and our collectors covet the handcraft and passion behind each and every piece they own.

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You support our sustainability commitments

We care deeply about the environment and the work conditions of the laborers in the jewelry supply chain that we work alongside. That is why at Gurhan, we work exclusively with recycled, 24k gold and only use ethically-sourced diamonds. Our collectors are often jewelry collectors as a whole, and they continue to increasingly collect from Gurhan because they want to support a company that is doing its part to make the industry more sustainable.

Learn more about our sustainability commitment

You’re looking for investments, not trends

Gurhan collectors come to us for investment pieces, not trends. While we’re always impressed with how our timeless jewelry seems to reflect something on the catwalk, our work is designed to be a statement now and forever. Evoking classic styles with enduring modern lines, as well as using precious metals and gems, our jewelry is always seen as investment pieces by our collectors.

 Pointelle Gold All Around Necklace, Clustered Mixed Shapes, With Mixed Stones

Gurhan has gone above and beyond for you

Many of our collectors became collectors because they appreciate our approach to business — always going above and beyond for our clients. Whether you visit our boutique in Manhattan or give us a call to inquire about a piece of jewelry, our staff will be there to help you make the most informed decision and best investment for you.

GURHAN is so dedicated to our collectors, we have gone so far as to engrave each piece with a serial number — including one-of-a-kind pieces — so that the owner and design are always on the books. GURHAN has used this system to replicate stolen jewelry for collectors who were devastated by their loss. But, one of our founder’s favorite stories is when he could reunite a woman with her lost GURHAN jewelry.

​​“Some years ago, we received a phone call from a gentleman who found a pair of earrings in the safe of a boat he was renting. He asked us if we could follow up on who the owner was by using our engraving on the back of the earrings,” Gurhan Orhan explained in an interview with Kelly Klee insurance. “Of course, we could! So, we went into our system and got in touch with the lady who gave us her address. But, it turns out the gentleman wanted to deliver them in person, so they arranged to meet. Wouldn’t you know — two months later, they both called us to order their wedding rings. Without that engraving, the lady may have never gotten her earrings back, and she certainly wouldn’t have met her future husband.”

Read Gurhan’s full interview

You feel a sense of loyalty and are rewarded for it

Gurhan collectors are loyal to our brand, coming back to us again and again to invest in 24k gold jewelry that holds great value and boasts incredible beauty. Our collectors are loyal because they know we will always stick to our values, they appreciate our art and genuinely look forward to the new collections and designs we add. 

Of course, every real Gurhan collector is also part of our Loyalty Program, gaining exclusive access perks — like early sneak peeks and private sales — alongside a coveted points program.

It’s easy to earn points
1 point for every dollar spent
10 points, follow us on Facebook
25 points, read our blog
50 points, follow us on Instagram
100 points, register your existing GURHAN jewelry
200 points, for every time you refer a friend

And easier to redeem them
5,000 points = 15% discount
10,000 = 20% discount
20,000 = 25% discount

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