We’ve never been big on trends here at Gurhan, instead, we’re guided by our own style and intuition. But recently, there’s been a major trend we have been happy to get behind. It’s not more colorful gems, or inlays, or anything else purely aesthetic. Instead, it’s the larger trend of luxury being a reflection of the life you lead.

Oyster Gold All Around Necklace Gold Ball Accents, With Freshwater Pearl

This isn’t just a trend we are seeing in jewelry, though. In the luxury travel industry, more and more people are embarking on experiential travel in lieu of regular holiday packages or destination guides. In the luxury lifestyle industry, people are choosing sustainable products and experiences that reflect their values. And in the jewelry industry, we’re seeing people reach for luxury pieces that reflect their life and lasting style over seasonal trends and flashy pieces.

Luxury jewelry as an experience

Gold beaded necklaceToday luxury is so much more than pomp and spending power. Luxury is the gateway to unique experiences — whether you’re looking for that while traveling or at home. In the luxury jewelry market, we’re seeing people reach for pieces that enhance their everyday experiences. Luxury jewelry that makes them feel special yet speaks to the larger collection of who they are. 

People are reaching for luxury jewelry trends that feel good to wear and luxury jewelry that tells a story.  Pieces that remind them of incredible trips and beautiful moments. For example, a major direct to consumer luxury jewelry brand, Coordinates Collection, has made an entire business on this idea. Their signature gold bracelets are actually engraved with the coordinates of whatever place a customer wants — where they got married, the city abroad they lived in, their hometown. The unisex pieces come in a range of luxury jewelry designs that, along with the coordinates, can totally customize the look, giving buyers the unique experience they crave.


Luxury jewelry brands focusing on quality over quantity

It does not matter if you’re shopping for a nice hotel or fine piece of jewelry, quality is of utmost importance in the luxury experience. Excessive diamonds, glitz, and glam can only distract for so long. When it comes down to it, the craftsmanship and execution will shine through and distinguish any piece of fine jewelry from the rest. That is why today, we’re seeing a growing trend of people choosing luxury jewelry pieces that speak to their ethos of lasting quality and style over garish displays. 

An interesting example of this is the luxury jewelry company Vrai who uses 90% recycled gold to make 100% solid gold jewelry. They don’t believe in plated stuff or dilution. Vrai, while sticking to minimalistic designs, also sources Diamond Foundry diamonds, which instead of being mined, are created using solar energy. An additional effort into sustainability and quality goes into their work that sets them and their luxury jewelry trends apart — something consumers are increasingly reaching for today. 

Luxury as timeless elegance

Vertigo Gold Long NecklacesWhat’s so special about luxury jewelry is that it is often distinguished by how it was shaped — the time, the place and the inspiration from which it was formed. Yet, it's because of these things, not in spite of them, that the best luxury jewelry brands can transcend time. Timeless elegance is not about one certain look or style, but beautiful and diverse interpretations of the forms, colors, and alloys that we all find innately attractive. And like the life you lead, this timeless elegance evolves effortlessly.

Across all of our luxury jewelry collections you will find that Gurhan pieces uphold this standard of timeless elegance. While we play with shapes and color and size, our inspiration from our travels, art, and lives fill these pieces with inherent beauty that is long-lasting. Just look at the Amulet Silver Button Earrings that teeter on the edge of classic and modern. Or, take a closer peek at the Boucle Thick Chain Bracelet, that from afar, looks uniform but is actually an intricate web of hand-crafted, interwoven chains that are incredibly elegant. 


Luxury jewelry market today

Today, the luxury jewelry market is as large and diverse as ever. But those who are setting themselves apart are the ones who are playing into the luxury jewelry trends above while putting their own twist on what it means for them, their luxury jewelry brand and their customers. 


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