When attending a formal business lunch or dinner, it is essential to dress appropriately and accessorize accordingly. Jewelry can play a significant role in creating a polished and professional look. The right pieces can add a touch of elegance and sophistication while also conveying confidence and attention to detail. Here are some tips on what jewelry to wear for a formal business lunch or dinner, brought to you by GURHAN Designer Jewelry.

What Jewelry To Wear For A Formal Business Dinner?


When it comes to earrings, it is best to go for understated pieces that complement your outfit rather than overpowering it. Classic studs like GURHAN’s Amulet earrings, small hoops from the Hoopla collection, or simple drop earrings in gold or silver are excellent choices. Pick something classy and chic that will match your look yet remain light enough to wear for the entire event. If you prefer to wear a statement piece, make sure to go for simpler options like single-drop earrings. You want something that won't clash with the dress code but is still elegant enough that everyone will notice.


What Jewelry To Wear For A Formal Business Dinner?


The key to finding the ideal necklace for a formal event is simplicity and tastefulness. A delicate necklace or pendant in gold or silver can be an excellent choice. A thin chain with a small pendant also can add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. Also, keep in mind that it can be hard to keep up with the conversation if your jewelry keeps getting in the way so prefer a necklace that does not interfere with your outfit’s neckline or become entangled with your clothing. GURHAN’s Rain collection features a range of delicate single-strand necklaces that can elevate your outfit in a subtle but stylish way.


What Jewelry To Wear For A Formal Business Dinner?


Choosing the right bracelet for a formal business dinner is one of those times when style and professionalism should meet. GURHAN’s Vertigo collection offers a wide range of single-strand bracelets with hand-hammered gold beads. A thin gold chain bracelet can also add a refined touch to your outfit. While you want something stylish, it is important to choose a piece that wouldn't be too uncomfortable to wear throughout the dinner. You would want to avoid overly heavy and large pieces which may make it hard for you to move while eating or holding a drink in your hands. Instead, simple and lightweight bracelets should be the way to go for such events.


What Jewelry To Wear For A Formal Business Dinner?


It is important to consider which type of ring will exude the confidence and sophistication you want to project. A good rule of thumb when choosing a ring for such occasions is to stay away from chunky designs. Instead, aim for simple, timeless pieces like gold or silver bands or small gemstone rings that complement your outfit. Opting for smaller, lighter pieces will also save you from having to constantly adjust them throughout the evening so make sure you pick a ring that is comfortable and attractive without being too flashy or extravagant. GURHAN’s Hoopla collection features minimalistic yet exquisite 24k gold rings that are perfect for formal dinners.

Final Thoughts

When selecting jewelry to wear for a formal business lunch or dinner, it is important to keep it simple and elegant. Remember, the right choice can take your outfit from just good to great and boost your confidence. GURHAN Designer Jewelry offers a range of classic and sophisticated pieces that are perfect for any professional setting. By following these tips, you will surely make a great impression at your upcoming business lunch or dinner.

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