Luxury Jewelry

There has been a lot of buzz here at GURHAN’s New York headquarters lately — our lunch hour discussion about our ‘must have’ luxury jewelry pieces spiraling into an all-out debate. In the end, it was impossible to narrow it down to just one piece — some feeling naked without their bangles, others unable to build an outfit without diamond earrings. And when we tried to make a top three list, chaos ensued. So after much deliberation, our team has compiled a list of the top five luxury jewelry pieces every woman should own. 

We focused on a few things, including timelessness and versatility. All of these pieces are classics — easily mixed, matched, and stacked with your other fine jewelry for the occasion to bring an instant boost to your unique style. Or, of course, easily holding their own when given the chance to take center stage and shine.

A gold necklace

Every woman needs a go-to gold necklace for her collection. An essential piece that dresses up a little black dress and provides an effortless air of class to any outfit. A shimmering gold pendant is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own. However, we say reach for something different than your traditional chain like the bold, hand-hammered, tubular beads in our Vertigo collection. It’s easy to see how these are some of our best-selling necklaces of all time — their strong but curved lines framing every face and creating a unique shape. 

Luxury Jewelry

Diamond stud gold earrings

Diamond stud gold earrings are a girl's best friend. Your go-to wardrobe staple, the diamond stud gold earring is perhaps the most versatile piece of jewelry you’ll ever own. Beautiful enough to frame your face on a night out, but subtle enough to play on stacks of other pieces, diamond studs are necessary to building any modern, luxury wardrobe. Set prominently in 24k gold, these droplet diamond studs exude elegance and shine against the saturated pure gold coloring. However, for a bit of a different take on the diamond stud, we love these pointelle studs, which, despite boasting four impressive diamonds on each earring, can still be worn effortlessly every day. 

Luxury Jewelry

Gold hoop earrings every woman needs a pair of gold statement hoop earrings in her jewelry box. And here at Gurhan, that means hand-hammered, 24k gold, medium or large sized hoops. Any jeweler can make smooth, shiny, classic gold hoops. And while these have their place, they don’t necessarily make any unique statement other than with their size. GURHAN’s 24k gold hoops are sure to stand out — their saturated coloring (only achievable with high-karat gold) and hammering detail catch the light in a way that traditional polished hoops just can’t. 

Luxury Jewelry

Bangles Our ethos is that jewelry should tell a story about the world and your own journey through it. So we love the idea of a stack of bangles you’ve collected, mixed and matched over the years. It’s a classic statement for every woman’s wardrobe, allowing you to easily combine  gold, diamonds or gems when you want to dress it up. As you can imagine, we’re obsessed with the beautiful properties of lustrous, high-karat gold. So, we’re partial to stacks of gold bangles like our wide, hand-hammered Mango bangle, or the organically shaped, hand-hammered Thor gold bangle. nd when it’s time to dress it up, a bold cuff or a droplet diamond bangle ties the entire look together. But, silver bangles have a special place in our heart as well. Not all women wear all-gold everything, or they simply desire a more casual look — to match their sterling silver watch, for example. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Mango sterling silver bangle “kissed” with 24K gold”.

Luxury Jewelry

Colorful statement ring 

A colorful statement ring — also known as a cocktail ring — is the kind of piece you may not wear every day, but you can’t wait for the occasion to slip it on. You can always go with something classic like a large, crimson ruby or saturated, purple amethyst. But, we also dare you to do something a bit different, like reaching for this iridescent Blue Oval Cabochon Opal ring flanked by diamonds. Or, perhaps, a verdant green Tourmaline and gold ring. If you’re going to make a statement, we say go bold and daring. 

Are you missing any of these luxury jewelry essentials? Or, want to add a new essential with a GURHAN twist to your collection? Shop our wide selection of 24k gold and sterling silver jewelry to find just the piece you’re looking for or schedule a virtual appointment with a GURHAN stylist.

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