Every piece of GURHAN Jewelry is engraved with the GURHAN logo, the hallmark of the metal purity, as well as a unique item number.  As of April 2022, we are including a code as part of our hallmarking process. This code will indicate Gurhan’s production techniques. This code will be engraved after the item number. See image below.

Technical Product Codes | GURHAN

Below are the technical codes we use and engrave after each item number:

(S) Solid If a piece is solid, it is not hollow and it does not contain any non-metal fillers or any other metal.


(NMF) Non-Metal Filler If a specific design is in need of physical reinforcement due to the softness and bendability of 24K gold, we use proprietary non-metal fillings to ensure the integrity of these pieces. This method was used by the Anatolian goldsmiths of the Byzantine period (third century AD to 15th century

Non-Metal Filler

(H) Hollow Many of Gurhan’s designs are constructed as tubes or beads .  These components are considered to have hollow spaces, mostly for threadings, hoops and chains etc…

Hollow | GURHAN

(GF) Gold Filled This is a technique Gurhan uses for some of his silver collections. The process involves attaching a layer of 24K gold onto sterling silver.  When properly cared for, 24K gold filled jewelry can last a long time.

Gold Filled | GURHAN

(V) Vermeil This is a technique Gurhan uses for some silver collections.  This is a chemical process called electrolysis.  Basically, with the help of a chemical gold solution (known as king’s water), silver will be covered by pure gold about 2.5 to 3 microns.

Vermeil | GURHAN

(R) Reinforced Gurhan uses a flexible stainless steel wire spring in his Spring collection.

Reinforced | GURHAN

If you have purchased an item that does not contain this code, it was likely produced prior to April of 2022.  Please contact concierge@gurhan.com for additional details on your item.


  • Deena Adler said:

    I would like to see the gold weight put into the description of appropriate pieces (no stones).

    March 14, 2023

  • Tona Schenck said:

    I was wondering which process is more “long lasting” or sturdier – vermeil or gold filled?

    October 26, 2022

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