Every woman needs her go-to pieces — an elegant gold bracelet that can be easily layered with different pieces, a pair of chic gold earrings that never go out of style, or charming rings and gold bands that you can stack.. And here at GURHAN, we firmly believe that your everyday jewelry should not only be stylish, but high-quality so that it can last a lifetime of enjoyment and wear.

To us, everyday jewelry shouldn't ever go out of style because it's classically gorgeous. And our pieces - from elegant necklaces and versatile bracelets to classic rings and understated earrings - well, we design them so that you can wear and enjoy them for years to come, using the same ancient tradecraft people have honed for millennia.

Curious what we’d choose for you? Browse our favorite everyday pieces below. 

Minimalist Fine Jewelry Approach

For everyday wear, we love taking a minimalist fine jewelry approach, and that’s what we’ll show off below. Made up of classic pieces that transition between outfits and seasons, these minimalist gold jewelry pieces dress up a t-shirt and jeans but never look out of place at a white tablecloth dinner.

The Gold Bracelet Stack

The Gold Bracelet Stack

You can’t go wrong with a stack of elegant, timeless gold bracelets. It helps that jewelry stacking is totally ‘in’ right now, but this is a look that will always transcend trends. With that in mind, it’s best to invest in real gold — especially the glittering, saturated hue of 24k.

Our hand-hammered 24k gold bracelets from the Hoopla Collection are the perfect go-to’s. Stack two or more for an easy, elegant yet understated look. Or, reach for our Skittle Gold bangles that feature an array of colored topaz gems, like green, pink and blue. Mix and match your favorites, or pair them with your other favorite gold bangles for a pop of color.

One of our most popular designs, this bangle set from the Mango Collection features two silver bangles and third with a 24k gold overlay. This is a great choice for the lady who likes to wear different metals, as no matter what else you slip on with this stack of bracelets will match them. 

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Hoop Earrings

A pair of gold hoop earrings are another wardrobe staple for stylish everyday jewelry wear. Whether you wear your hair slicked back in a bun, swinging around in a pony or framing your face, this stunning staple will draw everyone in towards your beautiful eyes. Of course, here at GURHAN, we’re partial to gold hoop earrings — the bright color and hand-hammering technique we use catching the light oh-so-perfectly. 

Our medium sized 24k gold hoops from the Thor Collection are amongst our most popular — not too big, not too small, these hoops make a subtle, stylish statement and go with everything you wear. However if you do want a pair of small gold hoop earrings, look no further than our tiny 24k gold hoops from the Rondelle Collection. Featuring a small bubble pattern, they’re stylish yet simple enough for everyday wear.  

Gold Beaded Necklace

Gold Beaded Necklace

Anyone can string on a neat gold chain, but there’s something much more sophisticated and polished about a gold beaded necklace. Perfectly simple on its own, and a wonderful starter piece to layer and stack other necklaces, a gold beaded necklace is one of the everyday jewelry pieces you’ll reach for time and again.
One of our most unique (and beloved) gold beaded necklaces is the 24k single strand necklace from the Olive Collection. With little gold beads shaped like oblong olives, it’s dainty and eye catching while never looking too dressed up. Another favorite around here is this single strand necklace from the Rain Collection. Made up of entirely 24k gold, this gold beaded necklace features thin gold tubes and sapphire beads. So many of our clients love this piece because while it is a colorful beaded necklace, it does so without being too vibrant or youthful. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Find your favorite new, stylish jewelry for everyday wear right here at GURHAN. We guarantee you’re going to love and wear it for a lifetime. 


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    Any day is made “special” with a Gurhan piece.

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