What makes our WebSales Partner Program so attractive?

High earning potential

We pay very generous commissions.  We recognize that our partners do not have just any contact list, but a list of highly pre-qualified luxury shoppers. 

Our pricepoints are high and so the income earning potential is very high.  Our average online sales price is over $3,500 so every purchase has the potential to pay our partners between an average of $350-700, and often much more. 

The combination of high commissions and the high value of our jewelry makes it easy to generate high returns for our partners.

Long Cookie Days

We understand that a high-priced jewelry purchase is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, so we give your referrals plenty of time to come back and make their purchase, and still give you credit for the sale.  Depending on the program you belong in, it can be 30, 90 or even 365 days

Great creatives to make outreach easy and impactful

Every week we create new visuals and campaigns for you to use to promote GURHAN.

  • Monthly birthstone of the month
  • Monthly featured collection
  • Monthly ‘hot off the bench’ one-of-a-kind feature
  • Monthly special feature

Our creatives are pre-formatted for you to use as you choose:  social media, web banners and pages, and emails.

And take advantage of our Instructions page to take the hard work out of using your Creatives.

Dedicated point person who’s there for you

Your dedicated Partner manager means you’ll always have someone to talk to.  Email, text or phone your rep and we’ll make sure you are taken care of.

Monthly Newsletter to keep you in the know

Each month we’ll send you a Newsletter to keep you up to date on what’s coming up the next month and what’s going on at GURHAN, as well as latest trends, what’s new in product and exclusive offers

Personalized Dashboard with all your info

Your Dashboard is part of your account and provides you with 24/7 information on your conversions and commissions, an array of reports, and access to the Creatives Library.

Discount Codes to sweeten the experience

Motivate your top contacts to make a purchase with a discount code.  Let us know how much you want to offer, and we’ll issue you your own code.  (Your generous commission enables you offer these discounts, which are deducted from your commission.)

Regularly updated product with new, on-trend styles

We have over 5,000 designs, including unique one-of-a-kinds and we are always coming out with new product.  We freshen up our website frequently to feature special collections and reasons for your contacts to go shopping with us again and again…