holiday returns extended to January 15 for purchases made between November 21–December 15.

How our WebSales Partner Program works

Five easy steps from sign up to earning your commissions -

ONE:  Join one of our Partner Programs

We offer three standard Partner Programs and we will help you determine which one is right for you:

PROGRAM ONE.  Personal Stylist/Shopper Program
If you have a business with specific ongoing clients that you work with consistently to help them shop or style themselves, then the first program is for you. 

PROGRAM TWO.  Referral Partner Program

If you have a personal contact list of people you know that you’d like to refer to our site, you belong in the Referral Partner Program. 

PROGRAM THREE.  Affiliate Program

If you have a contact list of lots of names of people you don’t personally know or a host of social media followers that you’ll refer to our site, you belong in the Affiliate Program.

We also offer a special program for partners who wish to support non-profit fund-raising:

PROGRAM FOUR.  Giving Back Program
If you wish to give all or part of your commission to a non-profit which is aligned with GURHAN’s core values, we would love to partner with you to create a custom program to support your cause.

For each program, we do not require that those you refer make a purchase, but we do expect that you join the appropriate program and that you actively refer people to our site.

TWO:   Get familiar with your Refersion Portal

After you sign up you will have access to your Refersion Portal.  Here you will find your unique link which is what you will give to your referrals to access our website.

From this portal you can also track all the commissions you earn from the purchase activity of your referrals, run reports, update your account info.  Here you will also find the library of Creatives - great, branded, promotional assets - for you to use.

THREE:  Start promoting GURHAN to your contacts

Reach out to your contacts and community as often as you think will be effective.  Using the unique link we provide you, together with either our Creatives or your own copy and artwork, communicate with your clients or contacts via any of the means you find most effective:

  • Send a personal Email or an Email blast to a group
  • Circulate you own Newsletter
  • Write a Blog
  • Post on Social Media
  • Include our link on your Website

We provide Creatives for you to utilize for each of these platforms and we encourage you to take advantage of these branded tools.  The Creatives we provide automatically contain your unique link when you download them in html format. 

To offer a discount to your referral, request a Code from us for them to enter at checkout. Discounts will be deducted from your commission. 

FOUR:  Your referrals go shopping

And the rest is over to the person you refer to go shopping and earn you the commission.  

We ship directly to the customer’s address they enter at checkout, at no shipping charge to you or them.

The 3rd party Refersion platform ensures that the website link we give you attaches to your referral to you for the period of time applicable to your program (Cookie Days).  For the Personal Shopper/Stylist Program, this is 12 months.  For the Referral Partnership, it is for 90 days, and for the Affiliate Program, 30 days.  

FIVE:  You earn your commission and get paid

Lastly, you get paid!  Once the customer’s payment has cleared and they have not returned their purchase within our 14-day return period, you are entitled to get paid.  At any time, you can log into your own Refersion dashboard to see the amounts owing to you.  You can choose to get paid via PayPal or we can transfer funds by other means we determine together.  If you have given them a Discount Code, the amount of that discount comes out of your commission.

NOTE:  Exclusions

Please note that if the person you refer to us has a pre-existing customer relationship with GURHAN and a history of buying from us from our website, this customer will not be eligible for attribution to you and you will not receive a commission on their purchase.