Heirloom Jewelry – A Gift To Last For Generations

The love and craft that goes into handmade jewelry can't be replicated, which is why so many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind. To own a piece of jewelry that you can treasure, then pass on to the next generation, is an exceptional, time-honored tradition to last a lifetime.

Antiquities Reimagined

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One-Of-A-Kind Diamonds

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One-Of-A-Kind Emeralds

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Hand Hammering Techniques

Gurhan's has stayed true to his vision to reincarnate the craft of ancient goldsmiths. The special look of his handcrafted gold jewelry goes far beyond design — every square inch of hammered gold holding the power of 1,000 hammer strikes and a millennia-old tradition.


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Stones: Creating Masterpieces

Design and inspiration is how beautiful jewelry is born, but the right stone can elevate a design and make it sensational. Gurhan selects his stones carefully and thoughtfully and allows their natural beauty to take center stage.

Below are just three of the many stone varieties that Gurhan uses to create his stunning collections.

Opals From Around the World

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Design Born From Inspiration

There's something special about a gift made by hand. Hand-crafting jewelry was Gurhan's vision from the very start and the unique texture of his signature style comes from each loving strike of the hammer.

Gurhan breathes life into his designs, drawing on inspiration from his own past.


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