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One of a Kind green beaded necklace and high end green pendant necklace

Hot Off the Bench - October - Go Green!

New One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Designs every Month

Greens in every shade are the focus of Gurhan's one-of-a-kind creations this month.
Emerald, malachite, tourmaline, fancy sapphires, peridot, moss aqua, chrome diopside, vesuvianite, oh my!
From bold and empowering to delicate and refined, there is a green for every person you are.
Every month Gurhan creates an array of new One-of-a-Kind designs for the woman who dares to be herself.
When you wear a GURHAN One-of-a-Kind, you will never see anyone else wearing your jewelry. You show the world that you are you with your own inimitable style.

Go green with GURHAN!