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Adorned in a rainbow of colors, the most famous and beloved sapphire — and the one dedicated to the month of September — is the one with a deep blue hue. Its name comes from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros,” both meaning blue. But this stone’s power and legend have reached the world over.

Astrologists consider the sapphire to be a stone that carries great power — encouraging truth, loyalty, wisdom and clear thinking to the Virgo’s born in September who don it. However, around the world and across cultures, the sapphire has held great meaning for anyone lucky enough to own one.


The Legend of the Sapphire

The Burmese may have the most magical tale of the sapphire, saying that the Birman cat was the result of the divine power of the sapphire. As the legend goes, more than two millennia ago, inside the temple of the Golden Goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse lived devoted monks and hundreds of brown and black cats. The wisest monk, the Grand Lama, had his own called Sinh. When the Grand Lama was killed by Thai invaders, Sinh put his paws on his dead master's body and looked up to the Golden Goddess with sapphire eyes. Immediately, Sinh’s fur turned golden and his eyes became as blue as sapphires, just like the goddess’. The magic of Sinh drove the enemies away for good, and today we still know and love this cat for its powerful sapphire gaze.

Sapphire The Protector

In the legend from Myanmar, the sapphire was a protector, and we actually find this theme across cultures. In ancient Rome and Greece, the royals were adorned in sapphires to protect themselves from the evil on their enemies. In the middle ages, the sapphire was believed to protect and heal physical ailments, like headache and eye problems, as well as protect against sorcery.

The Noble Sapphire

And in nearly all cultures who revered the sapphire, it was worn by royalty, which is why today we link it so closely with nobility. When you think of famous sapphires, one of the first to come to mind may even be the sapphire engagement ring worn by Princess Diana, and now the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Long tied to royalty, the sapphire is also associated with romance, truth, faithfulness and the soul.


The Divine Sapphire

Clearly, the sapphire stone is incredibly prolific in ancient storytelling, even appearing in the bible as one of the ‘twelve stones of fire’ given to Moses to set in the breastplate of Aaron. In ancient Persia, the sapphire also had divine abilities, as they believed the blue sky was actually reflection of a brilliant blue sapphire in which the world sat on top of.


Sapphire Birthstone: Purity & Wisdom

As the September birthstone, many people wear the sapphire in the form of birthstone rings, bracelets, drop earrings, and even on pendant necklaces. Symbolizing purity and wisdom, the sapphire brings those who wear their birthstone these virtuous traits. For anyone born in September, a sapphire is a lasting gift they will treasure forever. And because of its inherent hardness — only second to a diamond — the sapphire can be enjoyed and worn daily without any worry about its durability.

Sapphire: A Gem Beloved by All

Because of its brilliance, the sapphire is also beloved by all kinds of jewelry fanatics. With romantic symbolism ingrained in its beauty, the sapphire is often gifted by lovers, or as an engagement ring. The sapphire's ties to royalty also make it a popular choice for jewelry collectors who want to wear something luxe, eye catching and timeless — as the bright, beautiful shimmer of a blue sapphire is hard to ignore. And while the brilliant blue sapphire is the most popular, this stone can also be found in pink, yellow and green, which is used in a variety of fine jewelry making — including our own — and even luxury watchmaking.


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