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How to create an effective Jewelry Wishlist

What is a Wishlist?

Simply put, a wishlist is a list of things you want.  Once it might have been a scribbled post-it note on the fridge in the weeks before holiday or a birthday.  Today, it is most often a basket of products you’ve seen online and either saved for future reference or sent to someone else as a big “hint”.  Whether you use an actual wishlist on a site, “save it for later”, or pile things into an online cart, you are effectively creating your wishlist of potential purchases.

The best wishlists are just for you

Everyone talks about wishlists being the perfect way to let someone else know what unique jewelry gifts you want for that next special occasion.  And sure, if there is someone in your life that wants a way to get you the personalized jewelry gifts that you want for your birthday or holiday, wishlist jewelry can provide that easy way out for them and a way for you to avoid receiving unwanted clutter.  But the best wishlists are the ones that help you to shop jewelry ideas just for you!















Window Shopping redefined

Let’s face it, with online shopping taking over from wandering around the mall or browsing the storefronts of Main Street or Madison Avenue, and with so many different shopping sites all offering wishlist capabilities, creating jewelry wishlists has become the new version of window shopping.  And what a greater way to shop than to pour a glass of wine and let your fingers do the walking?!

Weed through your options

More than that, it has become a vital tool in research in trying to figure out what you really want to buy.  A wishlist today, is pivotal part of the shopping experience for every serious shopper. Jewelry wishlists are the perfect tool when you don’t know exactly what you want, or when there are so many options that you really need to see it all in order to narrow it down.  The wishlist in these situations is not only a place to store items until purchase: it is a comparison table, a reference, a scrapbook for jewelry self-gift ideas. It is a way to help you make informed purchasing decisions and to ensure that you are getting what you really want, not just what you first stumbled across.

Give yourself time to be sure

When the perfect jewelry you are shopping for is not inexpensive, you can’t afford to make a decision lightly.  Buying fine jewelry for yourself or someone you love should not be a rushed decision.  It is a highly personal purchase and deserves thoughtful reflection.  Saving what you think you love and coming back to it later can help you refine your choice so that when you are ready to commit, you know you’ve made the right decision.

Share your jewelry ideas and make window shopping a shared activity

Sending your jewelry wishlist to a friend is a great way to get feedback on the purchases you are thinking of so that you can engage them in your decision-making process.  These days, everyone knows that a wishlist is like a shopping cart that you don’t have to commit to yet and no savvy internet shopping friend is gong to see it for anything more than what it is: a perfect way to go virtual-window shopping with a friend.

No need to forget the unique jewelry you loved the next morning

And if you really did pour a glass of wine while browsing, don’t worry, jewelry wishlists are a middle ground between purchasing and forgetting!  As long as you don’t succumb to purchasing while a bit tipsy, your wishlist jewelry will still be there in the morning to remind you of all the pleasure you had with your virtual-window shopping the day before.

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