Jewelry is the ultimate gift and it always has been. That’s because jewelry isn’t just forged out of precious metals and stones, but given out of love, admiration and appreciation. We gift jewelry as a way to forge our feelings into something not only tangible, but wearable and visible for the world to see.

So, with the holiday season upon us, let’s explore the history, art and love of gifting jewelry. 

The history of gifting jewelry

The craft of 24k gold: handmade rings and braceletsJewelry wearing can be traced back to nearly the beginning of humanity, when prehistoric people would wear the teeth of the creatures they hunted or water-polished rocks as primitive pieces. Jewelry had meaning back then — it showcased the courage of a hunter, promised fertility and wealth, and brought safety over long journeys. It not only meant something to own one of these objects, but to give and be given one.

So over the last 25,000 years, humans have perfected not only the art of forging jewelry — like the craft of 24k gold — but giving it to those we care about. In our society we may not wear stones to bring us good health anymore, but we do take great ceremony in giving these pieces of jewelry, either to our partners, family or friends. Just think of everything from Mother’s Day necklaces to engagement rings.

Who gives jewelry?

Because jewelry has a long, rich history of carrying significant meaning and representing the feelings or wishes of the giver, jewelry is quite a personal gift. But while many people associate jewelry giving with romantic love, it is also a great gift option for close friends and family. 

But because jewelry is so personal, the giver needs to have an understanding of the preferences for the person they’ll gift it to — whether that’s white or yellow gold or rubies over diamonds. It also comes down to budget. When gifting jewelry, the higher the amount spent usually correlates to the closeness of the relationship. 

For instance, the gold and diamond bracelet worth thousands of dollars you may choose to give to your daughter, but probably not your friend. However, you may spend several hundred on a pair of beautiful gold and pearl earrings for that friend for the holidays. 

Why still give jewelry today?

When it comes down to it, giving someone a piece of jewelry is showing them you care. And while today there seems to be endless jewelry options, not all jewelry is created equal. Of course, you have the different segments — everything from costume all the way up to fine jewelry. But today, you also see a lot of jewelry designs that mimic one another, as well as offer the lustre of fine materials like gold, only to be plated rather than forged.

The other important thing about giving jewelry is that you do so to give someone something just as special as they are. So at Gurhan, we believe that should be a piece of jewelry not only beautifully unique, but crafted out of the finest materials available.

All of our designs are taken from our own experiences and travels, resulting in original fine jewelry pieces that stand out in a crowded market. On top of that, all of our handmade jewelry is made out of 24k yellow gold, the most pure form of gold. Our team of experienced artisans work with ancient techniques to bring our modern and timeless pieces to life, everything from pendant necklaces and bangles to earrings, reclaimed antique pieces and rings. And because we worth with both 24k gold and the highest quality silver, there is something for everyone’s taste and budget. 

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