Flurries triple strand Bracelet in sterling silver 'kissed' with 24K gold, labradorite, pyrite, kyanite, rainbow moonstone, rock opal


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Silver handmade jewelry has never been so fun and colorful. The Flurries Collection combines classic, chunky tube beads in silver and kissed with gold with gorgeous colorful beads. Each season Gurhan chooses a color palette and individually selects an exotic array of stones to combine together in a joyous burst of brightness. Long necklaces, lariats, strands of bracelets and dangle earrings combine to make this bohemian collection easy to mix, match and layer. Choose Flurries for your colored stone jewelry splurge this season!

Main Details

SKU: GUB-SS-MS8.4-3632

Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in Istanbul by artisans personally trained by Gurhan

Stone Details

Primary Stone: Kyanite

  • Weight: 5.40ct
  • Shape: Bead
  • Cut: Faceted
  • Color: Navy blue

Stone 2: Kyanite

  • Weight: 2.15ct

Stone 3: Rainbow moonstone

  • Weight: 1.00ct

Stone 4: Labradorite

  • Weight: 1.60ct

Stone 5: Opal rock

  • Weight: 3.95ct

Stone 6: Pyrite

  • Weight: 0.20gm

All of our stones are ethically sourced in accordance with the standards set by the Kimberly Process

Metal Details

  • Chain: Sterling Silver, layered with 24k Gold
  • Clasp: Sterling Silver

Feature Details

  • Chain: Bead
  • Clasp: Handmade Lobster clasp


  • Length: 8"
  • Width: 7.5mm
  • Extension Chain: 1.25"

Other Details

  • Construction: Hollow

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