Dew Pearl Earrings, Keshi Pearl, Moonstone, White Topaz Cluster in Tear Drop Geo Frame

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Dew Pearl is an ethereal collection of tiny pearls, moonstone and white topaz briolettes cascading from fine high-karat gold chains in delicate dew drops. This gold jewelry collection is for anyone who enjoys nature's subtle beauties and fine, delicate jewelry.

Main Details


Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in Istanbul by artisans personally trained by Gurhan

Stone Details

Primary Stone: Moonstone

  • Weight: 1.20ct
  • Shape: Pear
  • Cut: Cabochon
  • Color: Blue - light

Stone 2: Topaz-white

  • Weight: 1.18ct

Stone 3: Pearl/fwp rice

  • Weight: 0.13gm

Stone 4: Pearl/fwp rice

  • Weight: 0.05gm

All of our stones are ethically sourced in accordance with the standards set by the Kimberly Process

Metal Details

  • Chain: 22k Gold
  • Earring Post / Clip / Hook: 18k Gold

Feature Details

  • Chain: Fine chain


  • Length: 1.85"
  • Width: 18mm

Other Details

  • Construction: Hollow

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