One-of-a-kind Elements Bracelet, rosecut Fancy Sapphires

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Sapphires set in hand hammered Pure Gold are an exquisite expression of luxury. Never make the mistake that sapphires are only blue! Gurhan loves the many hues that sapphire comes in. From pinks to greens to yellows, sapphire only comes in blue if that's all you look for. Gurhan's Sapphires are also in a variety of interesting cuts: rosecut, cabochon, briolettes and traditional faceted cuts, but all are a statement of strength and beauty.

Main Details

SKU: B-U25271-FSA

One of a Kind

Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in Istanbul by artisans personally trained by Gurhan

Stone Details

Primary Stone: Fancy sapphire-mix

  • Weight: 11.95ct
  • Shape: Misc.
  • Cut: rosecut
  • Color: Colored

All of our stones are ethically sourced in accordance with the standards set by the Kimberly Process

Metal Details

  • Bezel: 24k Gold
  • Clasp: 22k Gold

Feature Details

  • Stone Setting: Bezel, closed back
  • Clasp: Handmade Lobster clasp


  • Length: 8-9"
  • Width: 9mm
  • Extension Chain: 1"

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