Custom Design

Transform your idea into a beautiful new jewelry design

Transform your idea into a beautiful new jewelry design

Keshi Pearl Necklace

This client loves pearls and asked Gurhan to create something a bit different from the standard string of pearls.  So for this necklace Gurhan selected Keshi pearls; unusual for their organic texture, shape and color.  By adding his signature hammered gold rondelles, the necklace blends beautifully with the other GURHAN pieces in the client's wardrobe... and she couldn't be happier. 

A Spectacular Stone

This design began with one spectacular stone and the request for a necklace that would highlight its beauty. Gurhan saw this as a unique opportunity to design a piece capturing the subtle air of mystery and romance in this sapphire.  By intertwining various shades of sapphire beads - from bluish white to deepest  indigo - Gurhan created an ombre, wavelike effect.  

An Heirloom Is Reborn

Clients often present Gurhan with an heirloom that has special significance or an emotional connection and each one is treated with care and consideration. For this design Gurhan received several rose-cut diamonds. The task was to create a retro look, but one that would meld with the client's modern wardrobe. As a master metalsmith, Gurhan chose to set the stones in hammered platinum to capture the true essence of these beatutiful antique stones. 

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