One-of-a-kind Silver Galapagos ring, 'kissed' with 24K gold, oval cabochon ruby


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Just because silver isn't as "precious" as gold, doesn't mean that it isn't worthy of precious stones. The fact is that there precious stones that are not of the same level as those that are uber-expensive and over-the-top quality but that are still precious and still wonderful in jewelry. Gurhan enjoys stones whether especially precious or just gorgeous in their own right. So Gurhan has added some rubies and sapphires to silver to give a hint of precious to his silver designs.

Main Details

SKU: SR-U24915-RU

Lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in Istanbul by artisans personally trained by Gurhan

Stone Details

Primary Stone: Ruby

  • Weight: 6.71ct
  • Shape: Oval
  • Cut: Cabochon
  • Color: Pink - dark
  • Country of Origin: India

All of our stones are ethically sourced in accordance with the standards set by the Kimberly Process

Metal Details

  • Bezel: Sterling Silver Layered w/24k

24k gold is such an important part of our DNA, that most of the GURHAN Silver styles are ‘kissed’ with 24k gold. What do we mean by “kissed”? Simply, it means that they may be either vermeil plated or bonded with 24k gold. Vermeil plating refers to the common process of chemically adhering gold to silver. Bonding entails fusing an actual sheet of gold to the silver. While bonding creates a much thicker application of gold than vermeil, our vermeil plating process applies a substantial layer of gold, befitting a precious jewelry line, and in keeping with FTC guidelines (2.5 microns).

As dedicated advocates of responsible sourcing, we strive to use recycled gold whenever we can. Our supplier certifies its sources so you can share our confidence in purchasing sustainable, responsible gold.

Feature Details

  • Stone Setting: Bezel, closed back


  • Length: 65
  • Width: Band width : 3mm
  • Height Off Finger: 0.35"
  • Other Dimensions: 12.5x9mm

Other Details

  • Construction: Hollow

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