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Hot Off the Bench - November

Gurhan's extraordinary Antiquities Collection of gold jewelry contains ancient Roman Bronzes, Byzantine Crosses, carved intaglios, Viking remnants, Victorian cameos, Japanese Satsuma buttons, Italian Micro Mosaics from the period of the Grand Tour and Lava Cameos from Pompeii.

In his own words:
“Collecting remnants of the past and recreating their future has been an obsession for me since my earliest days as a goldsmith.
othing gives me more pleasure than to capture a piece of history and imagine the past lives that were touched by it. To then give that object a new life as jewelry is my way of honoring the past.

“I love incorporating pieces from our personal collection into my designs. Although it is hard to say goodbye to something that was once part of our home, the pleasure of giving the transformed piece to someone who loves it as jewelry is a great reward.”