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Hammered Gold

Hammered Gold

You already know that...

Gurhan’s signature texture is the hand-hammered surface of his jewelry designs.

But did you know that there are over 1000 hammers by hand on every single square inch of his gold?
And do you know what’s really behind all this hammering?
From the very beginning, Gurhan believed that making jewelry was more than just drawing a nice design and giving it to someone to make. Given his vision of working in 24k gold he understood that mastering the techniques of construction and manufacture were essential too. He looked back to the origins of pure gold jewelry and to when the ancient goldsmiths created jewelry masterpieces in 24k. They had it figured out and ‘reincarnating’ their approach, Gurhan mastered the art of hammering gold.
In its natural condition, pure gold is soft and malleable. Hammering is a crucial part of making it strong enough to hold a shape and reduce the bendy-ness. Think of a piece of Wonder Bread – soft and floppy straight out of the bag but compress it by pinching it between your fingers and the bread becomes much more stiff and resilient. Same with gold. Hammering it condenses the molecules and creates a more dense, strong structure, giving it form and integrity. And this is part of what makes 24k gold viable for jewelry. From there, sprinkle on some of Gurhan’s design magic and you have his iconic hand-hammered look.