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Gurhan Is On Top of Today's Consumer Wants

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrating 20 years as CEO of the pioneering jewelry brand GURHAN, Fiona Tilley, co-founder and wife of the award-winning designer Gurhan Orhan, is leading a radical repositioning of the company based on her insights into the future of the luxury consumer world.

The jewelry industry has been caught up in the swirl of the so-called 'retail apocalypse' as much as every other luxury product category and has witnessed the struggles of Department Stores, mom-and-pop corner jewelry shops and mall-based jewelry chains alike. But Tilley believes that the GURHAN brand has the all ingredients to maintain and grow its customer appeal and her outlook on the future for GURHAN is very optimistic. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, the brand's story is one tailormade for what today's consumer is looking for. Secondly, GURHAN has been quick to respond to their customer's desire to shop how they want, when they want.

A Brand with a Story

So, what is it about the GURHAN story that makes it so compelling to today's luxury jewelry consumer? Both the woman who has been shopping luxury jewelry products for years and the newcomer to luxury jewelry shopping alike, want to spend their money on something that has an authentic story they care about. And GURHAN has just that. The jewelry is made by hand using the nearly-lost techniques of the original ancient goldsmiths. It is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of ancient world cultures. And most of GURHAN's pieces are one-of-kind which means that a woman will never see her own piece on someone else walking down the street or at the next party. This unique combination of factors - design, inspiration, and uniqueness – hits all the hot points for today's upscale jewelry consumer.

Realizing that GURHAN was sitting on a ready-made goldmine with its story, Tilley has now relaunched its luxury jewelry brand image by highlighting their story in every way possible. They have redesigned their website, undertaken a major digital marketing campaign and relaunched their brand look to emphasize the artisanship and heart-made quality of the jewelry and the fascinating historical and cultural inspirations behind each creation.

A Focus on the Consumer

The second ingredient is that GURHAN is making sure that its jewelry collectors and new-discoverers alike can find and buy the jewelry where and how they want. Unlike the many traditionalists out there in the jewelry industry, that think it is enough to just put jewelry under a glass case in a traditional jewelry store, GURHAN is making sure that you can find its jewelry through any channel you want. Whether through a traditional jewelry retail store, via the leading eCommerce jewelry sites out there, on GURHAN's own website, via Facebook and Instagram, at leading art and luxury shows or through private jewelry sellers, GURHAN is there for its collectors to explore, enjoy and buy whenever and however.