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A Special Offer only for our 'Key' Loyalists

We are extending this unique offer just for you, our top, most loyal customers.

GURHAN's Guardian Collection is one of his most special because it is Gurhan's salute to the empowerment of women.
As a Limited Edition Collection, only 25 of each key were made.

And now, we have sold all but 2 of each key.

The remaining 20 keys are now on offer to you, our 'key' Loyalists, at 30% off.
We can't think of a better way to celebrate our new Loyalty Program than by offering you your key to our GURHAN world!

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Ten keys cast in bronze and encased in 24 karat gold, precious stones and diamonds. Five of the bejeweled keys are based on ancient Roman keys and five are based on ancient Viking keys. So why are these keys so important to history and to Gurhan? In these ancient societies, keys were carried by women as a symbol of their status as the guardians of the home, the family wealth and all that was important to the society. Gurhan wanted to give women today a symbol of her empowerment and these keys are his offering. Each individual key is named after a Roman or Viking woman, paying deference to the source of Gurhan's inspiration. And each key is individually engraved with its own unique number.